Day 2

Alright. So I didn't cheat today. But today I wore a cleaning shirt and the skirt pictured, and then after I was done cleaning the bathrooms, etc [seriously, who wants to wear a super nice shirt and then clean the bathrooms?!], I changed into the shirt and jacket pictured. I know, you may never have known that if I didn't tell you, but I thought I would be totally honest.
Today was cleaning, errand running, and photoshoot taking day! :) SO, I went with:

The same boots as yesterday ... because they are seriously THAT cool beans.
A black 2-side slit idea where I got it, and the slits go to about 3 inches below knee length, so that was interesting to wear with the boots. but hey, it worked!
blue 3-quarter length shirt...NY and Company, $20.
white denim jacket...J.Crew buy of the season/year, $65 [ the sweetest lady gave me HER store discount, just because. definitely a God-gift :) ]
Reindeer pin on the jacket... borrowed from my mom :) [if you click on the picture, you should be able to see it closer up.]

Oh! and I forgot to take a picture of my hair [sorry!] these past two days, but DAY 1 's hair was just down. I just got side bangs, and am loving them :) [except for the cowlick that insists on parting the bangs strangely...*sigh*.... ] and today's hair was partially pulled back, with a fun and loose twist braid, and a typical, thin, blue elastic band. :)

tomorrow is Day 3, and I'm excited! :)

b.c He lives and reigns,