Today I have felt

loved. even though I'm not perfect.

Day 7

It seems rather surreal that today was the last day of the challenge! It was also rather funny, a friend sent me an email yesterday, saying, " oh, have you heard about this challenge? I think you and I should do it together..." haha and yes, it was the 7-day skirt/dress challenge :) I sent them a link to my blog...
Alright, so I meant to have really amazing astounding pictures taken, with just the right lighting, and I was actually going to clean them up a bit..and then the day got away from me. so , sorry! you shall just have to believe me when I say I really am an alright photographer! ;) actually, all these pictures this week [excluding day 3] were taken by my wonderful mother, who has been so patient with me this week!
Ok, enough chatter. here are the specs:
White tank...$3, tj maxx probably
teal shirt...eddie bauer I believe, $15.
grey skirt...april cornell, a gift from my father :)
I borrowed the cap and scarf, from the same amazing friend :)
I wore the same brown boots Ive worn for the past few days, since it has been so chilly.
red jacket...a gift from my aunt in VA :)

I have really learned a lot this week, and been very blessed by this opportunity. I learned it is possible to sled in a skirt, and do other physical activities. I learned to take time for every outfit, and make sure it goes at least fairly well together ;) God gave me a lot of grace this week, and I loved how feminine I felt, all the time :) yes, I do wear pants, and yes, often this week it would have been much easier to wear them. but God helped me persevere, and there are lessons I learned this week that I don't really know the words for. SO, thank you Esther, and thanks to all of you who did this challenge and posted blogs on it! I am so grateful to have had even this bit of a connection with you, and look forward to the next challenge posted :)

because He lives and reigns,

Day 6

Today was FREEZING! And, as mentioned beforehand, I didn't get out of my PJs until about 11 so, then I decided I wanted to go on a walk and take pictures and visit my good friend Greta [who lives about 2 or 2.5 mi away]. So this is what I came up with:

Outfit specs:
cute hat...same as yesterday's [i love this hat!!!]
white tissue shirt...j.crew, about 3 or 4 years ago
dress...[Ann Taylor] Loft, gift from a friend :)
boots...same as yesterday's!!!
cream vest...goodwill?
blue jacket...same from Day 3 :)

I definitely have a few staple items in my closet :)

hair was tied back in a loose "knot", comfy and funky :P

what do you think?

b.c He lives and reigns,

Day 5

Alright, so finally- Day 5 Pictures!!!!

it was so cold!!!!!! lol I'm such a GA girl.

So here are the outfit specs:
brown cord skirt... same as Day 3
white tank...TJ Maxx? probably about $3.
red/coral sweater...Gap, $20. not on sale, but Im in love with it :)
Brown cool beans trenchcoat...Forever21, $10. <3>
Brown mom bought them for me... :)
cream friend! shes pretty much amazing :)

ok, so its now 11:33 am on Day 6, and I have a confession....Im still in my pjs.....[and yeah..they are sweatpants.... :( ]
but Im about to get dressed for the day!!!! I just was being a lazy bum...sorry!!!!
Alright, I'll write later!!!!


Day 4

Today was tutoring/cleaning/cooking day! :) So I put some effort, but not a ton, into my outfit.

Gotta love those boots! ;) :) Tonights dinner was beef and broccoli stir-fry, with onions, and egg noodles on the side.
For dessert, I made a home-made-not-from-a-box chocolate cake, with chocolate sauce on top! :)
Ok, on to the outfit specs:
Dress...[Ann Taylor] Loft, $20, on sale :)
tank...Christmas present
necklace...from my dad :)
leggings...borrowed from a friend
boots...Goodwill, $5, already made vintage!!! :D

[yummy batter!!! ]
jacket/ from my Aunt Judy, who took yesterdays pictures, when she was visiting.

I wore my hair down most of the day, straightened from its normally curly-take-over-the-world style, and then i put it up into a funky, quick-throw-back "bun" when I was cooking :)


B.c He lives and reigns,

Day 3

Ah! I even had these pictures taken "early" in the day, and Im still past time. sry all!
Anyways, today was a lot of fun :) very Nancy-Drew-meets-Sherlock-Holmes-In-Mid-50's ;)

Here is the D-L:
"Sherlock" Hat...J.Crew, $10 [sale! yay!!]
"N.Drew" blue jacket... a gift from a friend- apparently a goodwill find, dating the jacket about 50s!! :D
Brown/light brown argyle sweater...NY and Company, $25 [I think...]
White shirt [its actually shortsleeve, thus the layers] from my aunt :)
brown cord skirt...Gap, $20, sale!
brown shoes with gold buckle...I think Payless, $9!

And, as pictured, I wore my hair under a hat, half of the day was in the low ponytail, the other half of the day was loose, but still under the hat. :)

there you go!! Until tomorrow-oh, and that will be fun- Im going ice-skating!!

b.c He lives and reigns.

Day 2

Alright. So I didn't cheat today. But today I wore a cleaning shirt and the skirt pictured, and then after I was done cleaning the bathrooms, etc [seriously, who wants to wear a super nice shirt and then clean the bathrooms?!], I changed into the shirt and jacket pictured. I know, you may never have known that if I didn't tell you, but I thought I would be totally honest.
Today was cleaning, errand running, and photoshoot taking day! :) SO, I went with:

The same boots as yesterday ... because they are seriously THAT cool beans.
A black 2-side slit idea where I got it, and the slits go to about 3 inches below knee length, so that was interesting to wear with the boots. but hey, it worked!
blue 3-quarter length shirt...NY and Company, $20.
white denim jacket...J.Crew buy of the season/year, $65 [ the sweetest lady gave me HER store discount, just because. definitely a God-gift :) ]
Reindeer pin on the jacket... borrowed from my mom :) [if you click on the picture, you should be able to see it closer up.]

Oh! and I forgot to take a picture of my hair [sorry!] these past two days, but DAY 1 's hair was just down. I just got side bangs, and am loving them :) [except for the cowlick that insists on parting the bangs strangely...*sigh*.... ] and today's hair was partially pulled back, with a fun and loose twist braid, and a typical, thin, blue elastic band. :)

tomorrow is Day 3, and I'm excited! :)

b.c He lives and reigns,

day 1

So there's this challenge being put on by my good friend Esther Zimmerman . And I tried doing it last time..and, was a bit of an ultimate fail :( However, this time I hope to succeed! So here we go.

Day One

Today is Sunday, January 3, which is Church day! So this was relatively easy, as I wear dresses and skirts to church anyways :)

So here are the Specs:

Dress...April Cornell, given to me by my sweet sister!!!! :) idea, given to me by my cool beans cousin [who is 4 years younger, my height, and wears the same size shoe as me....something is off here ;) ]

Purple Jacket of coolness...given to me by my aunt [ the label says B B somethingoranother]

2 pearl was my mothers, and one I got when I was in a choir. :)

Red Shades [sunglasses] ... Claire's, $2!! :D

The red jacket is pictured b.c Im wearing it instead of the purple and pearls tonight. [evening service]

Red Jacket...Forever21 [amazing store!] a few years ago. i love it!

basically, This whole ensemble [besides the red jacket and shades] was made from different gifts! definitely a price range I love!! :D

tell me what you think!!

B.c He lives and reigns, me.