Dear lovelies,

Hi! I hope you are doing fantastically :) Its Monday, 3:46 am my time [EST], and I just finished a mug of Irish Cream Flavored coffee... with 3 Marshmallows on top ;) YUM.
I was [am] studying for a CLEP test I am taking later on today [10:30 am, please pray!!!!!], but wanted to share a few things:

1. Im starting a new blog! This one will still be my sporadic, mixing pot of everything and nothing, and all that consists in-between, but my new blog will be fixed to being a stay-at-home full time college student, as well as a part-time nanny, PA, house cleaner, and photographer. Oh, and Im trying to eat healthily as well. [that coffee didn't count, as I consider it a necessity right now...] Soooo.... Im trying to come up with names for my blog! Do you have any suggestions?

2. I am in love with two things right now:

cakes and pies, which therefore include cake stands and pie-plates .


cute tape! I love writing and recieving letters [ hooray for snail mail!], so this caught my eye immediately :) I even ordered a few rolls of this tape, which is going out of stock! [bummer] I can't wait for it to arrive :)

Alright, I hope even a little blurb has made you happy :) I will try and update again when I know if I passed that test!

because He lives and reigns,

p.s. for a really great couple of sermons, go to and check out my dad's sermons on Psalm 83 and Romans 9 from today :)

Sharing Time!

I am not a writer. When I was a little girl, I had tea parties with myself and my American Girl Doll, Samantha. I would dress up to be the next Indiana Jones [the Christian girl version] or Emma Woodhouse come to life. Maybe on another day I became Nancy Drew, girl detective extraordinaire! I realized when I was 5 that to be all that I wanted to be would require one of three things: 1. several life spans, like a cat. 2. A twin, or a triplet even. or 3. I would have to become an actress.
Writing never entered my mind, except perhaps playing a writer who becomes lost in a jungle of ravenous cannibals, and must use her wits to escape with the handsome explorer, who just so happened to be in the same jungle as well.
Between the ages of 5 and...17, I changed my mind. I realized I didn't have to be the next Hollywood star, or have my name in lights on Broadway to feel that I had accomplished great things. I didn't have to be the most well-loved humanitarian actress [move over, Angelina Jolie] to have a strong voice for Christ. God had placed me, not as some actor or actress's daughter, where I would automatically be loved and have several thousand pictures taken of me daily, in the arms of my parents, and with my siblings, so that I could have the best voice for Him that I could give.
But as I have already stated, I am not a writer. So I will let Jasmine Baucham explain her story, and maybe you can see where Im going. The link to her blog post is here.


because He lives and reigns,

I feel...

Ready for a green light...