My sister and I in Paris, in front of the Louvre. If you are wondering, so far Paris is my favorite.

I am not a great writer. I stumble over words, tripping over imaginary blocks of unfamiliar words and lackluster imagination. But I need to write. I suppose that urge should be expected, being the youngest daughter of a pastor who has written more in his 45 years of teaching than I could ever imagine, combined with the passion and joy of a writing mother and poetess, my first memories being read to and sung to, with lyrics and tunes she would create on a whim. Her mother has been a journalist for as long as I know, and her po
etry she wrote when just my age, waiting for her sweetheart to come home from WWII, always inspired photographs in my mind.

Tonight I hope you forgive my ramblings. Focus has never been my best trait. Tonight I am daydreaming, unable to sleep because I am nervous, unable to stay awake because the Land of Nod beckons.
Memory is a wonderful land to visit, but oh so terrible a place to live. When all you know is in the past, nothing to change but everything to happen just so. Mistakes are so easily spotted, like watching a movie and grimacing when you know your hero has just made a grave error. It doesn't do any good trying to stop him- he can't hear you, he is in another time. I find myself so often wishing, wondering, I could have pushed pause. or rewind. or delete. But I know that is absurd, for everything has happened for a reason, with a wonderful end purpose. And even when I can't see the design for the threads in the way, its ok. I am already intimately aware of His incredible beauty.

I am so incredibly blessed, whatever happens. I have all I need in Him, my Love, my Joy, my Light! And I am perfectly secure in Him.

I love the song In Christ Alone, by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend. If you haven't heard Adam Young's version, check out his blog post here. Its worth your time.

Tonight I started out nervous, sad and distracted but am now calm, content and focused on Him. Thanks for listening :)

because He lives,


I really owe you all a post. I'm so sorry I'm such an inconsistent writer! However, you already knew that, and apparently still read this blog anyways, so thanks for putting up with me. ;)

Here is a quick recap of my past few weeks:
1. I went to see my sister and brother-in-law and their kids for a few days -- LOVED IT!
2. Loft, "little sister" to Ann Taylor, has instigated an ongoing relationship with me- I now am one of their part-time sales associates :D <3 <3 <3
3. The above statement means that I have been working for 2 1/2 weeks, in between part and full-time for Ann Taylor Loft, and have realized the joys and sorrows of having a schedule created for you by another person.
5. My brother Joey and his wife and their little boy came over twice last week, and we had a blast :)
4. Because I have been so busy trying to see family and getting a job and keeping a job and figuring out college, I missed my first CLEP test [govt] of the month and had to reschedule. I am now taking it this friday.
5. Next week, I am taking American Lit. and College Math.
6. The week after, I am taking British Lit.
7. If I am still alive after all these tests, I am going to see Owl City in Concert [Lord willing]!!!!!!

So, here is my list of things to do before June 14th [the concert]:

1. Show up to work at least 5 minutes before time, every time.

2. Create a budget.

3. Study and pass Govt, Amer. Lit, Col. Math. & Brit. Lit. with a good score on each.

4. Continue running 3+ mi a week. Try to add some weights in between, for good balance.

5. Edit pictures of my friend's baby's baptism. [so cute!]

6. Send checks to Kate.

7. Write letters back to Megan, Courtney and Katie. [sorry girls!]

8. Get transcripts from CLEP when done with these 4 tests.

9. Tune and begin again with cello.

10. Try to at least semi- master an ok French pronunciation.

11. Remember to breathe and focus not just on what God is doing in my life, but on Him.

Sadly, blogging did not make it into the list this time.

I will try to post again soon, with pictures :)

au revoir!

I have pictures!!

But, I forgot to download them to my computer.

So that will have to wait.



have I told you yet I have a new job?!?!?!?!?!? :D :D :D :D :D I cannot truly express to you my excitement over this job. Ridiculously happy, perhaps, but really, wouldn't you be happy as well chatting with people and getting to 'play' with pretty clothes? That's right, I am now a new employee of one of my favorite shops, The Loft [little sister to Ann Taylor].


So, you should all come visit me, end of story. ;) [unless you are a guy, because we don't sell mens clothing... unless you want to buy for your mom, sister, etc. Then you are more than welcome :) ]

Actually, what already cracks me up is watching the husbands come in with the wives. There are three types of husbands that I have seen so far: The type that follow the wife like a little lost puppy, furtively looking over their shoulder to make sure the door isn't too far away; the husband who is brave enough to branch out into the store, looking for clothes he would like his wife to try on [personal favorirte]; and then there are the door-huggers. Like tree- huggers, they love the feeling of freedom and the outdoors. Or they are scared of women's clothing. Either or. But they are pretty fun to watch. They step in the door, walk around with their wife uncomfortably for a few minutes, then move to stand in solitude right beside the door going out into the open world. Oh, they might move when another customer comes in, or someone goes out, but they rarely leave the comfort zone of about 10 feet in diameter. I understand this feeling, as it is probably how I am when I go into any video game store or men's shoewear.

I thought I'd include my list-of-things-I-really-need-to-accomplish-ASAP to make myself feel responsible [now I've told you, I really must get to work]:

- get a helmet for rollerblades. when as unbalanced as me, this is a pretty important task.

- set a date for a family photoshoot. [super stoked about this, but my best lens is in VA, and I don't have any saturdays free for 2 weeks! ack...]

- clean up basement boxes. even though we moved about 7 years ago, I still have a mess of my own boxes that haven't really been dealt with yet. [sorry mom!]

- create a budget for the money I am now earning. This one won't be very difficult as I've been going over it in my mind to where I know what I really need to save up for, and how much I can splurge. ]

- Study for the Government CLEP. [big one- Im supposed to take it tomorrow, but unforeseen circumstances mean I have to put it off until next week.

- Study for American Lit, College Math. & English Lit CLEPS [all three must be taken by June 9th at the very very latest. goody.]

- prep for art show reception this Saturday!

Ok, I really am going to try to post some pictures soon, so hopefully it won't be too long!
Thanks for sticking with me!

Because He lives,