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just a quick update: Im taking the SAT this Saturday morning, Lord willing. My current laptop is in the process of dying, so my parents have decided, after much talk and prayer, to buy me a macbook! Hopefully it will arrive in the next few days (Im shooting for tomorrow, but I doubt it.. :) ) Until then, I can not upload any of my latest pics or work on anything.. so please bear with me on that..
Lately I've been concentrating on trying to figure out what God has for me in this season of life. I'm a single girl living with her [amazing] parents in a beautiful home, finishing high school and trying to decide if college is an option, taking pictures like crazy but not sure how to get the most out of them, and is blessed with a wonderful church life. In the midst of all these blessings and busy times, its still quite easy to lose focus wondering if your knight in shining armor took a detour and got lost, or maybe is sitting in Atlanta traffic somewhere. Here is a great post my dear friend Jasmine Baucham wrote recently on Delusions of Grandeur . Enjoy, and blessings on your weekend!

Because He Lives and Reigns

Is style more important than substance?

If you were asked, "Is style more important than substance?" and then quoted "When people form opinions about someone or something, what affects them most is not substance but style. In other words, the way something appears or is presented is more important than what it actually is. This principle affects how people look at their leaders and their lives, the books they read, the products they buy, and even the subjects they take at school." .... how would you respond? here is my reply..

While the phrase "don't judge a book by its cover" is often quoted, most people in this era tend to live their lives on a more superficial level, others' makeup and clothes interesting them more than who a person is or what a cause really is about. This change through American history is evident by comparing and contrasting our nation's literature, politics, and how their time was spent.
In 1607 through 1776, the Pilgrims and Puritans read the Geneva Bible, a book they believed was the Word of the Almighty God, where they could find instructions for life, liberty, and the true pursuit of happiness. They played out each day in accordance to what they found in the Word; they made the Word of God the center of their universe. In 1776, one of the two most commonly read books was "Lex Rex", or "Law is King", by Samuel Rutherford, a Scottish pastor and author. This book preached on how no earthly ruler is over the laws of the land, preaching against the wiles of the monarchy that believed they were above all rule and law. These books were required deep understanding. Compare those writings to the "Best-sellers" of today, where it is all about the image, and how to portray yourself in a better light, or how to help yourself feel better about your image.
The politics of our nation's early presidential elections were differently portrayed also. Our first presidents won their job through the speeches they made, which were then printed out in newspapers and bulletins for weeks at a time, so the people of this country could take their words and study them, find the true meaning of the politicans, and compare the words to the previous lives of the campaigners to see if their promises could hold true. Today's electoral campaigns are run on looks, on which tie represents power and which tie signifies weakness; who would look better on a postage stamp. The speeches of the politicans contrast greatly with their previous statements in former years, and the promises they make are monumental and unconstitutional.
The time of our forefathers was spent revolving around their God, knowing that what is in the heart is more important than what the style of the day was. They also knew, however, that to get their point across, they must dress classically and with taste. Today's generation spends their time on movies, watching images, where what the stars wear matters greatly. This nation is a consumer nation, spending millions of dollars on items that will only last a year, while producing next to nothing.
Our culture is now in an economic crisis, while the nation of 1781, even after going through a revolutionary war, was beginning to truly prosper. From changing our focus from substance to style, we have suffered. So, while style may matter to impress a first glance, the substance of an issue will present prosperity.