be realistic. pray for a miracle.

thanks Johnny. I love my brother. Sitting here with him, discussing my future. He says I have too much on my plate, to narrow it down to 3 or 4 per 3 or 4 weeks. So here goes something.

March 09 (or rather, this last week):
- Finish God and Govt series
- Buy SAT prep online course

April 09:
- Chemistry
- SAT prep online course
- sign up for GED

May 09:
- college Applications
*book list

sound any more reasonable?

so far, I have completed:
- Signing up for the SAT
- buying the notebook, working on college lists
- with 2 lessons left, SAT prep VOCAB

and with reality..the oddest urge to laugh and cry.

I am doomed. here is the schedule if I want to make all the requirements in time.

March 09-
must complete following items:
- series God and Govt, by Gary DeMar
- With Liberty and Justice for All, by Joseph C. Morecraft, III
- SAT prep VOCAB
- buy College Board SAT online course prep
- send in applications to at least 2 scholarships
- buy notebook, begin making college lists
-sign up to take SAT (ACT as well?)

April 09-
must complete the following:
- SAT online course prep
- Chemistry
- Paradise Lost, by John Milton
- paper on at least one book from Greenville Seminary.
- Portfolio of best pictures
- send in applications to at least 5 more scholarships or financial aid
- sign up to take GED

May 09-
must complete the following:
- British Lit.
- papers on at least 3 more Greenville Seminary books
- American Govt book (extra)
- Portfolio
- running book list
- college applications
- resume
- a million other things

is it just me, or do I need to become supergirl combined with Betty Crocker with the style of a vintage 50's photographer? however, throughout this all , I praise God for His strength getting me through each day; a family that supports and understands; amazing friends who provide moral support, biblical support, stress relief known as laughter, and cookie dough ice cream. and my music and photography. I am immensely blessed and don't want to let anyone down. I don't want to let my God down, for He has blessed me with great talents and surroundings, and with such comes great responsibilities. Haven't felt so stressed out in a peaceful way in a while. this aught to be interesting. . . . . . I'd be tempted to laugh if it wasn't my life! :)

By His amazing grace that moves each moment.
me. <><