Dear Love

I am terrible at writing poetry, but was inspired to write "paragraph poetry" while listening to my mom's last webinar class. :) ["paragraph poetry", as I call it, is written in the form of a poem, but read like a paragraph- giving proper voice fluctuation as you would when reading a normal paragraph.]

Dear Love [also could be entitled, "A Dislike for the Letter 'L' " ]

Dear Love,
Remember me?
I thought we had met
a few times before.
However each time you dissolved,
turning into an imposter
as your paper mache mask
melts in the rain of after-tears.

Each fraud once too often,
I resent this vague description
of your kingdom
that this dramatic world loves.
Must you always disappoint in the end of your tale?
Why is the climax of your every story
really just the beginning?

I must have your wrong address;
this one presented by this mad spinning time
calls you "cupid" and "blind".
Surely you dislike this slander
to your true meaning!

Love, you yourself are a sham,
a thief, a pauper in disguise as a king.
You let men say you turn the world,
and countless dreamers lose their life
in search of your imagined wealth.
Alone, you cannot fill me with any
amount of joy. Your happiness
flitters away quickly, with no basis,
like cotton candy at a county fair.

What truth do you hold that is so invaluable?
What elixir do you fill men with, so we
devote our whole lives to seeing you?
You have never loved me.
And I, in truth, have never loved you.
I only sought for selfish gain.

Yet I know I have seen you!
You dance on the outskirts of my vision,
hiding yourself in a book
of facts and truth and life.
I find you only to be true
when I am not looking for you,
but for Him.

I am shocked at this outcome of events!
You are so unlike this universe's image.
When I look to fill my empty void
with you, I only discover me,
this empty shadow with no depth
to fill anything at all.
But when I look for Him-
Oh the splendor and the joy!
And Love,
here I find your home.