videos with my nieces

alright, so i got into the video mode, and made 2 videos with my nieces before they went to bed. here they are!

with Jessie (and jane)

with Jane and Anita

the one with jane and anita was stopped and i didnt realize it, so its not really finished. as you can tell, we are all tired, except anita who might have just had a yogurt covered pretzel....... :P :] but they are all precious and incredible, and ive had a great weekend with them. tomorrow i get to help annie (my sister) prepare for her 4th baby (coming november 14th to a hospital near..augusta! :} ) by sorting books and closets and such. alright, im very sleepy now and am off to go relax before bed. ttyl Lord willing!

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FIrst V-Blog

alright, so i did my first video blog today! hoping to do 2 more as the day goes by. BTW, if my hair looks like it has a reddish tint, or is red, in the video: thats because, for the moment, my hair IS tinted red. I used something to temporary change the color, that wont, in the long run, hurt my hair any. Its rather a funny story (to me at least) as to why i did it, but dont worry it will soon go back to its natural color-- in about a week or so. Alright, well, hope u enjoy the video! :]

because He Lives and Reigns

a little bit of everything

ive finally come to the (much needed) conclusion that crushes on boys are just a general nuisance and frustration until about the age of 21, approximately. or at least they are just a promise for trouble at seventeen (and younger in my case). *sigh* alright that was just an odd excerpt into my thoughts. on to the real topic(s) of blogging tonight: procrastination, fathers, daughters, cooking, and a week without mom here.

Procrastinating has been a major flaw of mine since i can remember. My first memory of procrastination was actually my inner self convincing my "other inner self" that i didnt NEED to brush my doll's hair until after "our walk in the park".
/story starts/
I had been pretending (yes i played "pretend" by myself for forever..still do actually, i just dont use dolls and talk to myself outloud anymore........*innocent stare, begins whistling*) that i was the older sister and she was my younger sister, and we were going for a walk in the park. (where we were subsequently kidnapped and i freed us by swinging my "younger sister" around until all the invisible bad guys were knocked out.............)
/story ends/
i dont think her hair ever got brushed. then, when i grew up and started school, i was actually pretty diligent until 4th grade, and science projects began. (yes this would be about the time i started hating science as well). from then on, i procrastinated and had several "all-nighters" throughout the rest of elementary, middle, and highschool. only in 9th grade did it catch up to me in a major way, and my parents became aware of how serious my prorastinating problem had become-- i failed my second semester of spanish 1. Why am i admitting to all these embarrassing moments in my past? Because people tend to joke about "procrastination's definition is Facebook/Myspace/*insert any distraction here*". But in 9th g., i realized procrastination can be joked about, but its impact on life in serious, and major procrastination needs to be looked on as sin, and something to be fixed.
Now, im my "senior year" of highschool, im still struggling with a sinful habit that i shouldve dealt with when i was 9. At the moment, im finishing painting the trim and 2 walls of shelves in my room -- i painted the other 2 walls' shelves last fall. I am trying to catch up on chemistry that i , in my own goals i set for myself, am 7 chapters behind in. I havent even started the British lit. hw that i got 2 weeks ago, and thats due in a week and a half. And lets not even go towards how my search for a job, and any photography progress, is coming along. And yet, though im not excusing any of that, its far better than what it might be if God hasnt repetively sent His message along. So im sending out a challenge, for myself and for any reader or future reader:
- Monday morning or, if it is restful for you, Sunday afternoon some time, take about 30 min or so and outline some things you need to accomplish, or would like to accomplish. then
- make a schedule for your week, planning out ahead of time when and for how long you are going to do each item on your list. make it reasonable, but strive to push yourself a little. then
- follow through and see how much you can actually accomplish. if you've planned well and are dedicated to the challenge, you should be able to cross of at least 88% of your list. then compete with yourself. try this next week as well, and see how much more you can accomplish on your list, what with careful planning and time spacing. and dont forget daily Bible reading! :]

my Dad has to be the coolest dad in the world. and yes, obviously, i am prejudiced , so none of you dads out there take offense-- just learn from him! :D While my mom has been gone this week, helping my sister (whos pregnant with her 4th--due November 14th! yay!!) , my daddy has taken my on not just 1, but 2 dates!!!! :D Dates with my dad are HUGELY important to me, not just because they are usually quite rare, but because I love just being in my father's presence so much. Being in the presence of great men inspires and thrills me-- i cant wait to go to Heaven for that reason! :] Anyways, on our first date we went to Venti--a new Italian restaurant about 10 minutes from our house. We were quite pleasantly surprised by how delicious the food was, and how attentively the staff treated us, even though it was a full house. On our second date, we went to one of our favorite stores in the world--Barnes and Noble!! *insert girlish squeal of excitement* yes i completely flip out over B and B. and of couse, after having lunch at the cafe in there, dad went to read a book Zemmie got him for his birthday, on a Christian martyr he hadnt heard of before-- he says it is really good so far. And i went to one of my top 5 favorite sections-- the humor section! there i began catching up on my Far Side comics, and before i knew it, we had to leave. I suppose i could have done some research, or read a good book full of knowledge and information, but it was a rainy day, and tea/hot chocolate/ hot apple cider, a warm sweater, and a humorous book seemed to fit the occasion. :]

why do so many daughters treat their parents, but especially their fathers, with so little respect? my opinion as that very few men deserve any respect from their daughters, especially weak men who try and exert authority over their children without first building any relationship with them, having ignored/not made time for them when they were younger, and then when they grow up the fathers try to create some sort of bond out of thin air. and when that doesnt work, they just build up rules and regulations. and people wonder why teens nowadays rebel. though it might be a sinful pre-notion, i dont see how one can obey a rule or regulation without first knowing why it was placed. one rule my parents have set for me that friends of mine who havent grown up as i have dont understand is the "dating rule" . first of all, terms: in our house, dating or boyfriend-girlfriend dating mean: getting to know one another with the knowledge of possible marriage in the distant future. getting to know one another through: 1) "hanging out" at each others houses, getting to know the family, 2) doing things together, whether to help out the community, grocery shopping for family, etc, and 3) the occasional movie or dinner together (and no , for me and whomever i end up dating, Depending on the other persons character of course , a chaperone is not needed for every single second spent together. thats where the parental trust that they have raised their child well comes in) . alright, so now that weve basically defined the terms, the dating rule is : any guy who wants to take me on a date, must first call/ask my dads permission. and he must tell my dad 1) where we are going, 2) what time the guys going to pick me up, and 3) what time he is bringing me home. and the date cant be altered (during the date) from what he told my dad. no matter who it is, whether i've known him for all my life up to one day. and whatever my dads decision is, goes. why have this "antiquated" rule, as some of my more blunt friends have called it? well , several reasons, but to my eyes, the main reason is to keep away cowards. after all, one cant really be a coward and call my dad to ask him to date me. :] ive been told my dad is rather intimidating.

well i was going to talk about my cooking experiences lately, but its really late and church is tomorrow (or rather, later on today) so i need some sleep! have a blessed Lords Day

b.c He lives and reigns
<>< me


i am trying to be more faithful in writing on this blog, though i dont believe anyone ever reads this anyways (excepting myself of course..and even i dont go back and reread posts--i know whats happened in my life!).
Today has been a very blessed Lords Day, more than usual.
This morning's sermon was on the Church and her mission, to gather and perfect the saints. Saints meaning God's chosen people, not some ethereal person who is more perfect than human, and who doesnt leave footprints because he is hovering 6 to 8 inches above ground. In Webster's 1828 dictionary, the firs definition of the word "saint" (noun) is: "A person sanctified; a holy or godly person; one eminent for piety and virtue." Therefore, we as Christians are saints! the logical thought process then must be that we never use the common phrase : "well im not a saint!" that would be rather contradictory of what we are to be, would it not? His application to this was how important it is for people in the church to not just leave it to the preacher to build them up through the preaching and admonition from the pulpit. instead we are to build one another up through encouragement, brotherly love, helpfulness, joyfulness, loving exhortation, support, understanding, etc. It is important for a church to be a closely-knit group of people, not just individuals who though professing to live a life common to those also in the church, live aloof and separate from all else in the Church. Dad preached using texts from Matthew 24 and Ephesians 4:8-16. We are taking a break from the Psalms series he has been doing to prep. our church for when we vote for new elders and deacons.

We stayed for church lunch afterwards, which was a treat- i got to talk to someone, an adult i very much respect but have been having some difficulty feeling kindly toward him for the way he has been treating me lately. I got to practice the sermon and speak lovingly, asking about general matters as family and health. his oldest girl is one of my best friends, so its been hard for me to feel as though he has had issue with certain things in my life that are not sinning but just a preference we disagree on. but as we talked generalities it was such a pleasant conversation and he was kind as i was toward him, i felt the Lord giving me peace in my mind. and i am so grateful! Now whenever i see him the Lord has eased my mind so i know that he truly still loves me almost as his own child (thats how its always been) even though we dont agree on everything.

Tara was today, but mom and i had ridden with Daddy to church, so i didnt have a car to be able to go. Oh well, Lord willing i will get to go next month-- its such an encouragement to see all those older people who still love the Lord so much that when we come they stay and sing with us, and listen as one of our men gives a 10 min talk on some aspect of our walk with the Lord. Praise the Lord for previous generations and "forefathers in the Faith" :]

Once home, mom and dad rested and i went for a "photography walk" in our woods, to take pictures of Creation, and sing along with some of the songs i have on my ipod. So, for around 3 hrs i trudged and climbed (trees), hiked and jumped (creeks). i love our woods :] at the end i felt like quoting Robert Frost (though its the wrong season!) : "the woods are lovely, dark and deep, but i have promises to keep. and miles to go before i sleep, and miles to go before i sleep."

Dad finished his Deuteronomy series last week (i was out of town! :( drat) so tonight he started on Romans. He didnt get very far however. i think he did the first 4 verses. lol His introduction took up most of the time. He says he thinks Romans should be preached on every 12 yrs, so this is his third time preaching on it. :] Martin Luther once remarked that Romans could never be read too often or taste too sweet- for each reading the epistle gives a deeper meaning and a sweeter taste.

Now i am sleepy and have a long week ahead-- mom is going to Augusta to be with annie on tuesday, which means i will have to go with dad to the office on tuesday and wednesday. and friday possibly. tomorrow im meeting marie for a workout at the Y and then starbucks-- wow talk about productive! haha. tuesday is Mr. Potter's history class and orchestra. Wednesday is drama -- hoorah!! Thursday i am determined to finish my chemistry chapter and also start back at finishing painting my shelves in my room. half of them have been light purple for too long. friday is the soccer game that the CFaf marching band is preforming at during half time, and the masquerade ball is that night. if i get any interesting pictures ill be sure to post them. Saturday mommy comes home. and hopefully at some point during this busy week, i can convince daddy we need to go on a daddy-daughter date to Barnes and Noble :] :] :] :] :] :] i need to get some more books to add to my library, for sure one on health food (so not all fun and games).
alright, its 11:09 pm my time, so one more definition from Webster's 1828 dictionary and then im off to bed. lets look up the words "friend" and "friendship":
"friend": noun. 1.
One who is attached to another by affection; one who entertains for another sentiments of esteem, respect and affection, which lead him to desire his company, and to seek to promote his happiness and prosperity; opposed to foe or enemy.A friend loveth at all times. Prov. 17. 2. An attendant; a companion.

"friendship": noun. 1.

An attachment to a person, proceeding from intimate acquaintance, and a reciprocation of kind offices, or from a favorable opinion of the amiable and respectable qualities of his mind. Friendship differs from benevolence, which is good will to mankind in general, and from that love which springs from animal appetite. True friendship is a noble and virtuous attachment, springing from a pure source, a respect for worth or amiable qualities. False friendship may subsist between bad men, as between thieves and pirates. This is a temporary attachment springing from interest, and may change in a moment to enmity and rancor.There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity.There is little friendship in the world.The first law of friendship is sincerity. 2. Mutual attachment; intimacy.If not in friendship, live at least in peace.3. Favor; personal kindness.


alright, goodnight sweet dreams
Because He lives and reigns

politics and morals

can you believe that those 2 words could be in the same grouping together, much less have something in common? shocking, i know. However, though i know it to be true, it is a good thing God has taught us to "walk by faith, not by sight"-- the VP debate going on between Palin and Biden is painful to watch. So, as i watch, i will give my pros (yes there are some..a few, but still) and cons.

PROS: I admire the fact that they havent killed each other yet, or gone so low as to sticking tongues out at each other, or thowing physical things. I like Sarah Palin's outfit. I will say, i admit that though i very strongly disagree with Sarah Palin and i think that she is very wrong to run for any office, she has courage. foolish courage, but if i knew her in person before running for any office i would say she would have been one of those women i would have looked up to as a possible role model. Biden has a very strong ability to sound wise (whether he is wise or not is already answered in the negative). He is also well taught in the matter of giving speeches and commanding attention. both are good at this, actually. oh, and i like Senator Biden's blue tie. It is quite conservative and dignified looking.


CONS: everything else that i didnt mention in the above PROS is a CON.

A major matter to me, that goes through every question heard tonight, is the word "fair" and how they use it. What is their basis for fair, because it is obviously not the Word of God nor His Laws and morals set forth for ALL, not just Christians, to follow. How can they call fair playing a Robin Hood effect, as Biden so clearly wants to do? He talked about raising taxes on the rich, to hand off to those "not so well off". Though it makes a great story what with Maid Marion and the evil Sheriff Nottingham, things dont work like that in real life. On facebook ive been talking to a young friend of mine, and this discussion came out. my issue is this: not all who are "rich", or make a goodly amount of money are "sheriff nottingham"s or "king john"s . and most who are wealthy didnt inherit their money, but worked for it, being inovative and pushing hard to get to where they are. while there are rotten apples in top position (check out what happened on Wall Street), not all are. also, many who are poor do NOT try to work hard. they spend the money they make, or they dont work at all. and its frustrating when they try a socialism act: putting everyone in a group and thinking they can put a stereotype on each group and taxing on a sliding scale. the only fair tax would be a head tax so low that no one, either poor or rich, could complain. trust me, if the govt is so "worried" about poor people, or middle class people (such as i and my family) , then why dont they just cut all taxes except the only Biblical one? that would save people tons of money!

now the debate (more like running commentary from 2 different sides) is over, and i must get ready for bed. i am at my aunt judys house and cant wait to have a good day with her tomorrow! so goodnight all , please pray for God's mercy on our country!

because He lives and reigns