politics and morals

can you believe that those 2 words could be in the same grouping together, much less have something in common? shocking, i know. However, though i know it to be true, it is a good thing God has taught us to "walk by faith, not by sight"-- the VP debate going on between Palin and Biden is painful to watch. So, as i watch, i will give my pros (yes there are some..a few, but still) and cons.

PROS: I admire the fact that they havent killed each other yet, or gone so low as to sticking tongues out at each other, or thowing physical things. I like Sarah Palin's outfit. I will say, i admit that though i very strongly disagree with Sarah Palin and i think that she is very wrong to run for any office, she has courage. foolish courage, but if i knew her in person before running for any office i would say she would have been one of those women i would have looked up to as a possible role model. Biden has a very strong ability to sound wise (whether he is wise or not is already answered in the negative). He is also well taught in the matter of giving speeches and commanding attention. both are good at this, actually. oh, and i like Senator Biden's blue tie. It is quite conservative and dignified looking.


CONS: everything else that i didnt mention in the above PROS is a CON.

A major matter to me, that goes through every question heard tonight, is the word "fair" and how they use it. What is their basis for fair, because it is obviously not the Word of God nor His Laws and morals set forth for ALL, not just Christians, to follow. How can they call fair playing a Robin Hood effect, as Biden so clearly wants to do? He talked about raising taxes on the rich, to hand off to those "not so well off". Though it makes a great story what with Maid Marion and the evil Sheriff Nottingham, things dont work like that in real life. On facebook ive been talking to a young friend of mine, and this discussion came out. my issue is this: not all who are "rich", or make a goodly amount of money are "sheriff nottingham"s or "king john"s . and most who are wealthy didnt inherit their money, but worked for it, being inovative and pushing hard to get to where they are. while there are rotten apples in top position (check out what happened on Wall Street), not all are. also, many who are poor do NOT try to work hard. they spend the money they make, or they dont work at all. and its frustrating when they try a socialism act: putting everyone in a group and thinking they can put a stereotype on each group and taxing on a sliding scale. the only fair tax would be a head tax so low that no one, either poor or rich, could complain. trust me, if the govt is so "worried" about poor people, or middle class people (such as i and my family) , then why dont they just cut all taxes except the only Biblical one? that would save people tons of money!

now the debate (more like running commentary from 2 different sides) is over, and i must get ready for bed. i am at my aunt judys house and cant wait to have a good day with her tomorrow! so goodnight all , please pray for God's mercy on our country!

because He lives and reigns