nothing of importance

"Don't speak unless spoken to." "Unless you have something good to say, don't say anything at all." "Even a fool is thought wise until he opens his mouth."
I have not written on this blog of late because I have nothing of major importance to type about. I do not want to be thought a fool, and, contrary to some people's beliefs, do not like to fill space with empty chatter. I do not, however, want you to think I have forgotten you! So, instead of a normal blog filling you in on every detail of my sometimes-humdrum-but-usually-busy-with-everyday-life moments, I want to inform you of some INCREDIBLE blessings the Lord has sent my way these past few months. 
1- I have a macbook now!!! a beautiful, 13-in, precious macbook :D :D my old laptop's motherboard is shot (if you are interested in the body of the laptop, it works great, is a 17-in screen, and i am looking for a buyer) . So my parents gave me this huge blessing! (also known as "mercy's mac")
2- though my old laptop served me well, it shut down drastically. however, I was able to save not only ALL of my photos, but my music , documents, and some programs that i wanted to keep. :)
3- i have a pair of chacos!!! :D :D :D Chacos are an amazing brand of outdoor sandals that my other siblings have had pairs over the years. I have wanted my own pair for years now, and recently found some online that were on sale! So, mommy dearest gave me an early graduation present of these fantastic shoes :) (I think she was just REALLY ready for me to get rid of my 2 yrs old thunderdog flip flops that I cherished for so long. haha)
4- for several months now, God has been convicting my heart and soul, showing me , by letting me go, what a horrid sinner I am. I know that does not sound like a blessing, but I can't tell you how grateful I am that the Lord chose for me to see my sins while they were just inward thoughts and come crawling back to Him, crying and pleading. while this lasted for such a long time, and during these times of feeling so far away from Him, I am grateful that the sins never became reality, and that God woke me up from my lethargy before it was too late. I hadn't even realized I was spiritually lukewarm until He gave me several months of wake-up calls. You truly don't realize what a sinner you are until He shows you. And now, after so long being stuck in a hole impossible to get out of, He is blessing my life abundantly, and in so many areas! To draw a picture of it would be a child, after disobeying her father by playing in a mud puddle in a beautiful white dress, finally looks down at her favorite dress and sees its stains and cuts and tears, and comes running to her father sobbing because she knows she made the mess and it won't come out. Her father picks her up and after disciplining her for disobeying, cradles her in his arms as he gives her a white dress even more beautiful than that which she destroyed. I feel like that repentant child, now safe in her Father's Arms. This feeling is greater than any other in the world. Who needs a boyfriend? (lol) I have my Father!! 
5- one more course and I am done with highschool!!!!!!!!!!! MAJOR blessing
6- I am still alive, healthy, and have an incredible family, all blessed by my Lord :)
7- my camera still works!! and though i dont get to do as many pics as i want, its all good. 
8- my friends are incredible, and i cant imagine life without them :) God has blessed them which gives me great reason to rejoice!
9- i still have all my senses! I dont know if you've lately thought of this, but I can't stop praising the Lord that my eyesight, taste buds, hearing, feeling, and sense of smell all work :) 
10- even without all these blessings mentioned before, I am so incredibly blessed because my Heavenly Father is in control and He has already won the victory. And I am safe, no matter what happens (or doesn't happen), in His arms that will never drop me. 

what blessings are in your life right now?