Quick Ideas

So, I have another blog. Its called "Becoming More Crafty" ... :) And, as youknow, I am terrible about posting so two blogs is rather ludicrous. However, I can't really make up my mind to delete either of these blogs, so I am going to make this blog more about serious posts and pictures, and the other will be more about... crafty things and fun ideas I find online. But I have a total of 1 follower on that blog, and 47 followers on this blog! So, Here I am, asking for followers, and if my followers go up, I think I'll feel more inclined to keep posting.

Alright, that was just a quick sideline. Today I am supposed to hear back from Barnes & Noble! I interviewed with them this past wednesday, and I think it went well... of course, we will know how it went later on today, Lord willing. Also I interviewed with Anthropologie on friday, but I became really nervous, so who knows how that went. :/

One of my best friends, Eve, had her senior recital @ Reinhardt friday night, and she was incredible! I can't believe I've been allowed to listen to her phenomenal playing since we were in 3rd grade.

I entered an Arts Contest and just found out 3 of my pieces have been accepted!!! So, the showing is in May, and now comes the pre-show stress... I have to get them printed, framed, and prepped for hanging. Want to see them? ... Ok, since you begged, here they are :

Diabetic's Best Dream and Worst Nightmare {Paris}

Morning Mail {Paris}

Sidewalk Crepes {Paris}

I was a bit disappointed that my pictures from Kenya weren't excepted, but I am thrilled to have these three in the contest. Neat,huh?

Alright, I promise a real post later-- hope you have an incredible day!

because He lives,


Sophia Merie said...

Two blogs? You have great courage! I can hardly keep up with one.

Sophia Merie said...

Two blogs? You have great courage! I can hardly keep up with one.