On the Hunt

71 days. 1704 hours. 6,134,400 seconds. I stood at the doorstep for a moment and thought over the past 2 months and 11 days. How many miles had I gone? 147 miles from my home to Birmingham, where I met up with the Chanceys. From Birmingham to Washington, D.C. - 743 miles. From Washington, D.C. to London- 3678 miles. From London to Nairboi, Kenya - 4238 miles. And then back, Nairobi to London - 4238; London to Paris - 213 miles; and back to London, those same 213 miles. From London to Dallas - 4757 miles. From Dallas to Birmingham - 638 miles. Then those same 147 miles to my home, where I stood, remembering the memories those miles held.

Now I am home, and what a lovely word it is! I miss the places those miles cover, but it has been so fantastic being with my parents again, seeing my friends, sleeping in my own bed. The little things, like how the sheets smelt freshly laundered, have become a sudden reason for little bursts of happiness. It was a crazy week and a half when I first got home. Helping Mom with her final two webinar classes, seeing my nieces in their various school and ballet performances, going to the Jimmy Valiant premiere and so on. I entered the Arts Festival again! I am hoping at least a few of my pieces get in. We shall see...

Today I am going to try, once again, to outline the next few months of work that I need to accomplish. I am starting back college with CP! again, so that will be hard but good. Also, I am in the market for a job now! I am hoping to find one in either sales, or dealing with food. I love what both opportunities present, now I just need to find someone I can convince I am worth hiring. Not having any formal experience is difficult enough, but I know I can do the task at hand, with God's blessing. Remember the last time I said I was outlining the following months? Well, though it was incredible, I do hope nothing like that will happen for now. I don't think my body can go through jet lag again too soon.

Alright, I need to run-- have a fabulous day!

Because He lives,