I watched some videos from 9/11/2001 today, and cried until I could not breathe. Every time I watch, its like a horror film: I try to change the ending, but I never can.
I remember where I was on that infamous day. Science class, second period. Tuesday morning, and it was a boring day. All the sudden it seemed our teacher went berserk and turned on the tv. We were sixth graders, watching in shock, and terror. There was nothing we could do- we were in GA. There was nothing we could say to those of us who had family or friends there. We couldn't get in touch with anyone.
This was all very impressionable to a ten-year old me. This was the year I became an aunt for the first time, that may. This was the year I really "entered" double digits. This year I watched over 2000 people die because we as a nation could be terrorized.

I will never forget 9/11. I hope you never do.