Today has been amazing. truly amazing. Tonight has been painful. Excruciatingly, terribly painful.
And yet God's Hand covers it all. His Love has never left. In fact, I feel it more now, when I am hurting, than I did when opening presents this morning.
God surrounds all. He fills every gap, revives every breath, gives meaning to every moment.

I love my friends- and tonight I had to deal with 2 heartbreaking matters:
my best friend, who means the world to me, and for whom I would do almost anything: her grandfather passed away, unexpectedly, this evening. A precious, warm, loving grandfather, and it hurt. But he loved the Lord with all of his heart, and I look forward to living all of eternity with him!

A friend who I have known for years, and loved as a brother: tonight we had to part ways, because we are two very different paths. And it kills because I don't know if I will ever see him in this world, or in the lifetime after, ever again. and this grieves me more than the grandfather's death. Papa's death is limited- a life is but a breath away from ending, and when it does, the gloriousness of eternity with Christ! my earthly friend and I's separation- it may be eternal, a never ending separation. Papa's death, though unnatural and awful, is better for him- he is with his Lord and Maker, his Savior and friend! my old friend, if he continues like he is, will never know the joy I bask in.

Oh that all mens' hearts will be touched, their eyes opened, and they may see and rejoice in God our Father!!! Oh how painful when they are blinded, and die blind.

I cannot write now . I am sorry for the sad ending, but how can I end better? Tonight, two of my friends' lives have gone in separate directions: one to Christ, to live eternally for Him. one for self, and eventually to live eternally in selfish hate and animosity towards Christ. Which path are you on? there is no neutral ground.