*sigh* another day in the life..

hmm, i have already started (and now deleted) 2 other blogs. Lord willing this one will continue. well , i dislike giving background history, so im not going to. after all, most likely it will be just me reading this, so why bother when i already know? and in that light of the matter, im also not going to put it any caps or punctuation that i dont feel like doing (except for the neccessities of course).

but i am going to start back a few days, b.c thats where i want to put some photos in. on the 4th, mom dad and i went to the Jukins house for an afternoon I.D.P. (independence day party). It was pretty great, though i didnt take my bathing suit so ended up sweating to the point of grossness. but besides the jukins and us, the Reeds were there, as well as the Badgetts and another old(er) woman that i did not quite recognize. i actually talked (longer than 5 min) to james badgett-- ive known him all my life, and we have never talked longer than that before.. strange, especially knowing how much i tend to talk. but it was cool getting him to tell me about his gf (she sounds really great) , and his life at the moment.. aka, more about his gf and some school. lol then after we had stayed there for a while, we headed over to the Thelens house for some visiting w. them , their friends, and Mr. Marshall Foster, who was in town over the beginning of the week, until the 5th, for a speaking engagement he had with American Vision . we actually went to hear the first night (mom dad and i) -- it was truly mind capturing! it was on the 6 great terrors of world history, and how they have been overcome -- w.o.w. seriously fantastic. so at the party, i was privileged to show some of my jamestown photos to him and mr. DeMar and his wife, and they loved them! hoorah! maybe they were just being kind, but i do think that mr. foster wouldnt have wanted to see more if he was just "being polite". so i feel very honored indeed that i had that privilege. a little while later, i was introduced to Georgia Williams-- Praise the Lord! this girl..well, i cant really call her a girl, b.c she is older than i am, and she seems very grownup and ladylike, so i guess i should call her a lady, b.c woman sounds too formal.. anyways, this lady is one of the coolest, kindest, funniest persons i know! so we decided to go on a walk through the Thelens neighborhood. here are (most of) the pics:


GA 2
me and GA

and that is how we roll..
kids dont try this one at home..


me 2
ok so this is one of my most favorite pics ive ever taken of water.. dont know why, i just really love it :)

soooo nothing TOO exciting happened yesterday, except that i found out my stinkin laptop wont work right now..but the good news is my sister and bro-in-law and their kids came and stayed the night! now J. lu and Anita are here for today, then annie grant and jaybird come back from their trip tomorrow, and they will pick up J. Lu. anita is going to stay w. us until tuesday, and then we'll all go see annie and grants new house and L.W. stay for a few days! hoorah! :)

but here are so awesomeness pics of j. lu that i took (she and i went for a walk and to water "grandmommy"'s flowers near the mailbox. :)
her and me

watering the flowers
the joy of helping
caught with the cookies.. sweet girl, you deserved them!

well, i should turn in for the night, but am not quite ready to do so. i think, however, i shall end this post and start another, so that this wont be TOO too long. :)