Praise the Lord!

i . love . my . family . amazing, fantastic, understanding (most of the time ;) , precious, and even w. all my messups, they still love me! Praise the Lord for family like mine!!!!!!!! So, yesterday i had my first tutoring session w. a four- yr old named Jude. and what am i tutoring him in?? spanish.. yeah, go figure. me ? spanish??but they want me to, so i am. so since it was the first day, he kept getting distracted, but thats ok, hes only four. :) we learned 5 spanish words (btw, these are 30 min sessions): gloves (los guantes), hat (el sombrero), jeans (los jeans), tree (el a'rbol--accent over the a) , and pajamas (el pijama).. fun times :) so then i went home and "grandmommy" (mom), a.k., and "aunt mercy" (me) all went to the YMCA. it was good- they went swimming and i got to excercise..HOORAH! so then we all went over to McDonalds to grab a bite of lunch..yeah, do u notice the irony as well?? YMCA and then McDonalds..hmm.. so after lunch a.k. wanted some ice cream:

aww yummy ice cream!

my treat.. we told a.k. it was dirt and ice cream...she laughed and said "no silly".. :) i love my niece

anyways, after McD's we went to Em's house to see their new baby lamb and sheep.. AWWWWWWW ok , ive officially decided that no matter how evil goats, cats, and chickens can be, i love THESE sheep..some sheep would drive me crazy, but this type (which i forgot what they are called) are great -- and these sheep were taught to love to be around children and humans. :)
here are some pics:

the baby lamb

the other sheep :)

the helping hand

follow the leader, lamb style!

friends, cousins, family-- including the sheep


"Know that the Lord Himself is God; it is He that made us, and not we ourselves; we are His people and the sheep of his pasture."- Psalm 100:3

so after a good time at Em' s house, thus ended the exciting part of the yesterday.

Today we left for annie and grants house!! A.K. did NOT want to leave for home .. at first.. i think maybe that she could be worried that if she left "Grandmommy" and "Grandaddy"'s house, that we might decide to move as well , just like they did a couple weeks ago. but before we left, i got a few pics of her wearing my old hat that i wore when i was about her age, maybe a little older than her:

laughing at her aunt mercy ;)


so now i am at annies house. it only took about 3 hrs (not including stops for lunch, ice cream dessert for a.k. (i got to get a smoothie from planet smoothie instead :D ) and gas stops) after we were all settled in, a.k., jaybird, and i went to go swing on their new swingset ( had already gone to bed)


sisters, sisters,
there were never such devoted sisters.. :)

after all the girls were in bed, and dad and grant were about to hit the sack, mom, annie , and i went for a walk. what should we see but a HUGE owl!! heres a small glimpse of it in a tree before it flew to another tree:

ok thats all for tonight, im pretty doggone tired and need some sleep! ttyl L.W. (btw, L.W. means Lord willing)

B.c He Lives and Reigns over all