Off the top of my cranium...

I have several serious subjects I want to discuss with you...

What is your opinion of the death sentence? For or against? Why? I admit, the Casey Anthony case has been on my mind quite heavily these past few days, as I would assume you would understand.

What is the real difference between an introvert and an extrovert, and why does it really matter? Should we spend the time getting to know this about ourselves so as to know how to better relate to others, or is this more of an issue of too much self-indulgence in self-centeredness?

I also have a few things I need to confess to you...

Procrastination has always been something I have had trouble, but I've been putting off really getting to the bottom of it.

I also have an issue with food. As a kid, I could have cared less. Now however, I love food. But it isn't healthy food that is my favorite. Since my goal is to stay in a good shape, this isn't helping much.

Which boils down to self-control. Which seems to be the root of at least 95% of all my evil. Unlike pride. Which, apparently, I don't really have since I'm admitting all these faults. on. the. World Wide Web.

Or do I just not care, which might be worse?

However, I won't be discussing any of these subjects tonight, as I have a few, less world-changing more just fun and informative, things to tell you!

1. I am second-shooting a wedding this weekend! :D :D I know, I know, I said I would never do another wedding as long as I lived. OR if I didn't have a second shooter. However, I will BE the second shooter, so that just makes this fun :)

2. My sister's baby girl is visiting us for the weekend :) She is 2 1/2 and probably the best snuggler of all time. Except when you are trying to sleep. Like last night. Sleep was not an option. I did wake up with 3 new bruises though :P I'm hoping tomorrow to take her on a field trip. Not sure where. Any suggestions around Northish Atl?

3. I'm going to try throwing sugar out of my diet for the next few weeks. Thinking perhaps my sudden intake of sugar {MnM people might be discontinuing Pretzel MnMs! :( :( } might be the cause of some rather nasty headaches lately. We shall see!

4. I had something else to tell you, but I forgot. Oh well, I'll post again later!

cheerio and sleep well!