Paper Puppets, People?

A couple weeks ago I went to visit my brother John and his family out in Athens. <3 <3 <3

The two oldest, Iz and Ace, and I decided to make some crafts. Iza decided we should do puppets!

Ace was not too thrilled... so he decided to color on the windows.

Here is Iza and my finished products! Whadda think??!

I was going to an Owl City {adam young!} concert that night, so I had a certain person on the brain... can you guess which one is Adam?

This is my {gorgeous} chica, Iz! This is her puppet, whom she named to match Adam. {can you guess? Its pretty awesome for a 5 yr old}

In my family, there all these funny pictures of me, so no laughing. {its apparently because my camera is "too difficult to figure out"}
And because Im always making funny faces. ;)

Yeah. We are pretty rad. {ps. Did I mentioned that the puppets were named 'Adam' & 'Eve'?}

Because He lives,