Face Up

At the age of three
curiosity defined me.
Hither and thither
and yon--
I danced and tripped
chattering cheerily
to a merry tune in my head.

By the time I was four,
I had revealed nothing more.
Each new progress
the same as before.
Singing content,
I followed each pathway
and explored hidden closets,
searching for
my own Narnia adventure.

2 months before five,
I began to thrive
in a new land
called kindergarten.
Sacred memories
of stacking toys,
nap times and candy treats,
of patterns hidden
just for me to see.

Ages six, seven, and eight,
these times hold their own weight.
Imagination soared
as I learned the words
to express the things I already knew.
South Africa twice we went,
and climbed rocks to touch the sky.
"laatlammetjie" became my name,
fitting for the youngest by far.
" sprinkaan", or grasshopper,
another name, exuberant joy
unable to hold still.

At age nine,
I learned sadness
for the first time.
Knox, my beloved pet, died,
and I felt alone.
Friends understood,
grieved for me,
a brief aching cloud
followed for many years,
but God stayed close,
wiping my tears.

Age ten,
I began again.
Imagination filled,
my Narnia was found
in every closet,
daydreaming all around.

By eleven,
I had grown
but was still short.
Clumsy, quick,
had a fast retort.

Ages twelve and thirteen,
created a new change in me.
We moved again,
just a short trip away.
New trees and secret hideouts.
new ideas were made.

Age fourteen I was convinced
I had met my future prince.
Ages fifteen and sixteen
followed the trials
of a silly girl playing,
while time covered miles.

Age seventeen as it seemed
I was started awake from
a childish dream,
of past creations
of what prince charming should be
formed in the mind
of a little girl.
Not without hope
I erased those thoughts
and began again
with Gods Word at heart.

Now just eighteen,
I've given up drawings
of tall, dark, and handsome
riding up on a white horse,
the armor clashing.
T'would be rather loud,
I admit with a grin,
for that armor would echo
in this valley I call home.
I surrender my future
for God to take care of,
His entrances always better
mine times 100 by ten.
My mind does not need
such space taken up
with clashing suits
and guesses of whom
my Father has planned
before my time began.
For my goal now has changed
into becoming a
Proverbs 31 woman.
And when I do,
I will wait for a
Proverbs 31 man.