long time

It has been much too long since i have updated on here- my apologies! My laptop that i have at the moment, the Internet Explorer is messed up (and yes ive had it checked out, but they couldnt figure out the problem) so it wont let me get on here and update. Thankfully i use Mozilla Firefox on this computer as well, so i just found out this will let me update :)

Since i dont feel like catching you up, Im just going to start from today. Went to Barnes and Noble/ Starbucks while mom was at the dentist's office. If i could, i would do that at least 2 times a week-- just go and sit in either barnes and noble/starbucks or some coffee shop, or an atlanta bread company, and just work on my laptop and listen to my (new) ipod. It is one of my favorite things to do, be around people and books and/or the smell of cofffee (love the smell dislike the taste ;) and still get to listen to my music and work on my hw or pictures or something. Yes, i am such a dweeb. YAY. lol
I learned two new words today: serendipity and perfidious. Serendipity, according to the description of the man at starbucks, equals up to "blessed fate" of two people accidentally meeting and ending up either good friends or acquaintances or such. And perfidious, in reference to my new book for literature, The Synonym Finder, pertains to treachery. I love learning new words, and then trying to insert them into my vocabulary. The English language is so full and brilliant, its a shame that people do not choose to appreciate it. Mom and I were discussing in the car today my paper (that yes i am procrastinating on at the moment-- sry!) on Idylls of the King, by Alfred Lord Tennyson. The paper is going to be about the treachery and loyalty found in the last section of Idylls, entitled The Passing of Arthur, and its effect upon Arthur. Its a very interesting subject, but i am finding this assignment the most difficult so far, as nothing seems to flow, and that is annoying me. However, as i was saying, she and i were conversing as to how the more you read classic and well-written literature, the more round and developed your life becomes. I had just been commenting on how the steam seen on the road (it was raining quite hard and traffic was horrible) surrounding the cars reminded me of the phrase used in Idylls, "deathwhite mist". it is referring to the impossibility of being able to tell who was good and who was bad in the last battle, for not only was the mist horrendous to see through, because of the treachery one was unable to trust anyone on the field. That is actually a point in my paper (that i am still not through with..............yipe........). Also, our view of the world as christians most definitely enriches our lives, and our want to use everything God has given us to glorify Him! What a stupendous God rules over us!! Praise Him :)

It was my sisters birthday today (im still thinking of this as the 4th)!!!!!! hoorah!!!!!!!!!!! I love her so much-- i cannot wait, she and her girls are coming into town thursday so she and daddy can have their annual lunch at the Swan Coach House, where dad takes she and i for our birthday lunches, since each of us were four. What a daddy :D So, they are coming thursday, and then on friday we are going to try to go to the zoo if at all possible. I didnt even know there was a zoo in Atlanta! Now that is sad..

my favorite band is still the Jonas Brothers. lol haha yes i really do like their music a lot, their lifestyle is mostly recommendable (except they do concerts and such on Sunday, which upsets me cause it is against Gods law so they should know better!), and they proclaim and seem to be VERY strong believers! score!!!! :) and yes, they are incredibly handsome (no i wont degrade them or myself to calling them "hott".."hot" is when you burn yourself by touching a cooking stove when it is on. it is NOT three great guys who have wonderful talent for music) I even have met some now good friends online because of them. One of thems name is Arisa and she calls me her "sissy" now. yay! :) she is such a precious girl, and yes ive checked her up so i know she is legit. and not some weird stalker person. she and i, along with about 3 or 4 other girls on IM that weve met, all want to meet up someday at disneyland (they ALL live in cali. except me, obviously, who is on the other side of the country!! oh bother ;) but yes, i doubt it will ever happen because i would have to convince my parents to let me go, and find people crazy enough to want to go across country and meet 5 girls we dont even know in person. at disneyland. hahaha it would be so incredibly neat however. :) Arisa, the girl that calls me her sister, is a Catholic, but by our conversations so far, i really do believe she is a true believer :) she wants me to do her senior pictures in two years when she turns 18. lol now that would be a job.. no, i must admit, what would be surpassing incredible would be to actually meet and get to hang out with the jb for about a week. watch them do a concert from backstage, get to meet their parents and younger brother frankie, get to know them. Marie and i love talking to each other about them, because not that many of our friends are jb fans like us.. haha we are just crazy :D but we have determined that yes, though we have already picked out our own "jb"to have a "crush " on, we dont really but like all three because of their music and their christianity. honestly, i would rather be good friends of theirs than have one of them (or all of them) like me more than a good friend. to me, friendships surpass "love" , especially at this age, because i am too young to be married to someone, can only love one person at a time, and will want to spend all my time either daydreaming about or being with him. with a friendship , you can have tons of other friends as well, you are never too young to have a deep and lasting friendship, especially based upon mutual love for the Lord (as all things should be but arent), and the Lord more than he is on your mind and heart. and its not awkward!! awkwardness is so dratted annoying.. because then neither person is being themselves, so you get the wrong impression, and everything is not as it really is.

well, i suppose this is long enough for a new post :) here are some pictures of annie and i, in celebration of her birthday! :D

because He truly lives and reigns
annie and i at christmas, a long while back :)

still a long while back, but not as long ago.. prob. about 2 years or so.. yeah the difference is incredible! lol

at the Atlanta Aquarium, i know this was about two years ago, cause that is jessie she is holding in her arms! and jessie is almost 3 :)

well, this weekend im going to try to get a GOOD UPDATED picture of annie and i , and then ill put it up.

until then however~